The Judean Hills are as ideal grape growing terrior now as they were in biblical and hellenic times.  While the Golan Heights has captured the imagination of the premier regional star here in Israel, I’m convinced that the Judean or Jerusalem Hills can stand up to just about any other region across the country.  The terra-rosa soil provides the vines with rich nutrition before they plunge their roots down into the tough limestone soil that forces them to dig for water and as a consequence, develop a ‘rough and tough’ character that allows for a certain quality and richness of berries to emerge.

This tour was especially nice as we had the opportunity to visit the very elite Flam winery and enjoy a cheese and wine pairing that left all with a smile.  In addition to this joyful winery we tasted at two other distinguished sites, enjoying another plate of cheese at Tzora winery where the winemaker, Eran Pick is the only master of wines in the whole of Israel.  While I have passed two of the five levels necessary to earn this distinction, I don’t plan on earning this title anytime soon, as the degree of near-perfection in order to do so is currently beyond my grasp.  Therefore, I will continue to share my love for wine and knowledge of Israel as we begin the harvest and prepare for another season of wine production and creation here in Israel.  With a good amount of rain this year (Thank goodness!!) we should have some delicious wine waiting for us in a few months for the whites and young reds, and for the years to come.

L’chayim, Cheers, to life, love and good wine!!!!

-Amir Katz, My Israel Wine Tours