World-class Israeli microbrews are popping up across the country, blessing us with a respectable pint and some rather good suds to soak up.  This tour is ideal for our guests who are less into the [...]

Negev Tours

This tour is geared for those looking to explore the vast open beauty of the Negev Desert of Southern Israel.  Even in this sandy setting, the wines thrive and our tour into this region shows [...]

Judean Hills

This is one of our most popular tours for a good reason.  The Judean Hills are the birthplace of the ancient Israeli wine trade and home to some of the finest wineries in the country.  Set [...]

Half Day Tours

Half day tours are available from Haifa, Tel Aviv or Nazareth. These tours will take you out for 3-4 hours for a quick taste of flavor and a chance to enjoy our services in a shorter timeframe. [...]

Haifa Tours

Situated on the Carmel Mountain, Haifa is the best kept secret in Israel, which is why we chose to make it our home.    A visit to Haifa allows for three half-day tracks that guests can choose [...]

Christian Tours

Visit the stunning churches in the Galilee’s Kfar Kanna where Jesus performed his first miracle, turning water into wine.  On this tour we explore both the region, the wineries and the churches that make a Christian Wine Tour [...]

The Galilee

Where the Jezreel Valley leads up into the mountains of the Galilee, this region is home to more wineries and vineyards than any other in Israel. As we leave the urban centers behind, the rolling [...]

Biblical Food Tour

My Israel Wine Tours is proud to present our newest addition: a Biblical Food Tour.  We have met with dozens of farmers, visited the best olive oil refineries, sought out the best bread bakers and searched [...]

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